Merch and the World of Print On Demand (Gumroad e-book)

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SAVE TIME WITH: Merch and the World of Print On Demand 
An expansive guide to all things Merch and the World of Print On Demand (POD), - over 350+ pages - including selling via Merch By Amazon and many other popular top Print On Demand sites.
PLUS: Several bonus file descibed below!

Step by step instructions (way beyond just what to do, but - HOW exactly - to do it also), how to guides, glossary, a list of 4 (with traffic metrics about each POD! Tips for settings, tips to boost conversions of existing designs), technical specifications,  plus additional tools and resources to help you improve your sales. Over 300+ resource links, and dozens of links to step by step VIDEOS.

In the book:

How to use ODPL - On Demand Private Label - to create thousands of ASINs on Amazon .com, no matter what your Merch By Amazon tier is...

NEW - Niche Research Section:
If you've ever had trouble thinking of niches to create designs for, this section is all about eliminating that common issue. It covers not just a huge number of niches, but also how and where to uncover thousands of high quality niches you can design for in the future.


The book covers both the theory, as well as options, services, steps, paid and FREE techniques, across multiple online platforms including all your favorite place such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Tools, Resources, and Services:
The book covers many many tools, resources, and services for multiple areas of your workflow, from niches, key-wording, idea generation, design, uploading, tracking, expansion (scaling), and some totally new things that are new to sellers at any level.

Community Resources and connections:
If you're reading this, than you're probably connected to some other people in either the Merch By Amazon community, or the Print On Demand community. The book outlines how to expand your connections, and reach across multiple channels covering multiple: Facebook groups, Blogs, Podcasts, Newsletters, Books, Courses, Youtube Channels and more. All curated to separate the best from the rest, and get you plugged into the best resources and communities to help your selling business expand faster and with less time and effort.

Outsourcing and Automation:
The book outlines how exactly you can . 100%, everything from idea generation, design creation, key-wording, uploading across multiple PODs, all the way through to tracking sales, and even marketing and expansion (yes, you can automate marketing, and expansion). Use one, more than one, or all of the techniques, services, tools, and people to grow your business faster, and with greater reach, while you focus on the parts you enjoy... of disconnect yourself 100% and let your business run and grow on it's own - independent from whatever else you like to do, or be.

The book goes beyond everything outlined above, and shows some methods, services and techniques to use and leverage your merch / POD business, and take it beyond what you may have thought possible.

Not to ruin the surprise and delight of what's in the book, but it covers things such as Artificial Intelligence to run your marketing across multiple platforms automatically, how reduce the time from the buyer clicking an order, to receiving the FINISHED products on their doorstep in under an hour (across multiple marketplaces, where available), to how to do ODPL - On Demand Private Label, to turn 100 custom designs, into thousands of custom ASINs available to buyers via Amazon and Ebay marketplaces, from   backend PODs.


Includes additional links to videos, software programs, and loads more information about how to EXPAND your merch business, and drive more sales. the book is OVER 350+ PAGES, are included with the book!

New to Print On Demand? No problem.

The book has a glossary which covers much of the jargon people use, such as POD, MF, ASIN, sublimation, DTG, and many other industry specific words that might be new to you.

Experienced with Print On Demand? No problem.

The book covers a wide variety of POD specific items to help you improve your existing listings, reach new markets, leverage organic traffic, find awesome features buried deep in the settings sections of POD platforms. I'm sure that you'll find some additional new info that you may not have seen anywhere else.

Of course, there's always new information and techniques becoming available, and changes in the platforms (Amazon's 90 day rule, Shopify's Amazon integration app, New Shirts on more sites... etc.), so I've included a pile of places you can connect with other experts in the area of online Merch and Print On Demand platforms, across multiple social media outlets, websites, blogs, videos, courses, and more!

TIP: Selling a shirt for $19.99 on Merch By Amazon makes you $5.38 in royalties. If this book helps you sell 11 shirts (as above), you'll make $59.18 in royalties. I believe everyone can sell more than 11 shirts after reading this book... So buy the book.

So definitely order via the button on this page, you'll  learn how exactly to sell more shirts via Merch and 35+ other top notch Print On Demand platforms.

Online Marketing

Selling Online

Social Media Strategies

Geographic Data

From  b   to   a  strategies


NOTE: THE E-BOOK HAS LAUNCHED, AND IS NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND exclusively via this gumroad page only: for $57 USD
***  $57 aka 11 shirt sales   ***

PS: There are now several additional un-announced bonuses included for FREE, which I hope you'll really love! :-)


OVER 1,000 Professions - My team has tested many of these, and they sell amazing, they are things a lot of people do, and are looking to buy for, but are not things people think of when coming up with ideas for "world's greatest xxxxx" style designs...

It goes WAY beyond NURSES and TEACHERS!

PPS: Additional updates and revisions are being pushed up to Gumroad, so please be sure to check back to your account, to see the newest updated versions...  AKA the book is about to get a whole lot better this week. Once the printed version is up, we'll message you by email.

PRINT, KINDLE, iBOOK, GOOGLEBOOKs versions will be coming, as well as something totally new, that only my inner circle knows about (not yet discussed on any of the Webinars, podcasts, blog posts, book review sites, youtube LIVE replays... nowhere). I think you're really really going to LOVE this BOOK, and that you're going to be blown away when you find out what is coming next...

FINALLY: Everyone who purchased this Gumroad version of the book, gets multiple Bonus files (available now, as soon as you buy), as well as updates and additions to both the book, and the bonus files, and some new bonus files as they are uploaded into your Gumroad account. Trust me when I tell you, you are going to LOVE the updates, so check back periodically to see what has been added.

Added BONUS [May 26 2017]:
250 Essential Links to grow your Print On Demand business!

Version #5 Loaded [March 17 2018] - 365 Pages of POD Content!

Added niche solution, future of MBA and PODs, new tools, more integrations, more directions to more solutions, better marketing, more PODs, way more tips on how to optimize and improve conversion efficientcy, and more of literally everything from Version #4. Plus everyone who has the book via Gumroad gets FREE updates for LIFE!

This is one Gumroad purchase you're going to LOVE for a long, long time.

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Merch and the World of Print On Demand (Gumroad e-book)

17 ratings
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